Ep. 34: Song “Patience” (Influenced by The Black Heart Procession)

February 7, 2017

This week's song is influenced by a band called The Black Heart Procession. I first heard them when I was a freshman in college and one of my room mates showed them to me. They have a pretty unique sound where they borrow from folk and blues traditions but with their own dark spaghetti-western spin on it. They incorporate church organ, put heavy reverb on the vocals and guitars and even play the saw on many of their songs.

With that influence in mind, I tried to write a song that captured the same sort of hopeless feeling. I made the sound of the guitar pretty twangy and turned up the reverb on the vocals to get the same type of sound as The Black Heart Procession (even though I have a much softer voice). As evident with the words, it's about couple going through hard times. Some of the inspiration came from my personal frustrations at the time with finding a job.

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